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£25 signal checker.

For just a low single payment of £25, we will send an engineer to you home. To check every part of your aerial system.

If you are unsure, if you are ready for the digital switch over. This one off payment comes with a 3 month price guarantee, that if for any reason we advise you with a written quote, of any work you may require. We will take the £25 off the final bill should you decide on 123 aerials to complete the work.


Do you see this message on TV screen.

Before calling us think for 1 sec.

What is the weather like outside, poor weather conditions reduce the signal dramatically. Or has a tree grown taller since the time of your install. Have a quick look at the cable outside coming down the wall from the dish, is it very old. Remember any TV cables if installed correctly will only continue to produce a quality picture for around 20 years. Or has it possibly been cut by a gardener.

Also have you tried just checking the leads are secure at the back of the TV, a pet or small child may have knocked them.


These are all very simple problems to fix or rectify yourself if you would prefer to save the money.

Most of the time the problem is just down to the dish being off line, or maybe the way it was installed originally.


Our low cost call out charge of just £50 plus parts, will apart from the replacement of your cables cover all the above problems.

(not including extra bracket's or resight).

We at 123 aerials will always try to be honest with you and with our quotes, No other company we have looked at offer this advice for you to save money before calling.


If you have any signal issues, either with your aerial reception or with your Sky TV please just call us to arrange a visit that is at a convenient time for you.


Also as an added bonus with the 123 aerials guarantee, all work carried out  and parts used comes with a full 1 year warranty.