We offer a wide variety of services.

Here are just some of the other services we offer, if you still have questions and want to ask them, please either call or email us through out contact us page.


Professional TV wall hanging service.

We at 123 aerials believe that if the TV is hung well on the wall.

It creates more floor and living space, for you and your family, it also makes the room look a lot bigger.

With the sharp corners, water sensitive screens and mass weight it is safer. Well away from the reach of small children or animals.

Every time we install a LCD or plasma on a wall we supply and bring the bracket along with us.






Link all the TVs in your home.

Why not, as we will already be on site linking up the main TV to any digital device you have chosen. Ask us to link up other TVs around your home. We can with Sky ,link up every room to not only receive the same quality picture with the normal TV channels in your living area, but also view the same Sky channel in every room. We will also offer you this at a discounted rate if installed on the day, as we will already be on site carrying out, our other work.





Our main expertise is working on communal flats.


Sky themselves, generally try to stay away from flats, as completing work in any flat can cause problems. They will normally offer your install to a company like ourselves.

To the right of your screen, you will see a communal face plate. this is capable or receiving sky+ or sky+HD or even freesat or freeview. Also as you can see this plate also has 2 satellite feeds to use for full recording functions. We are fully experienced in using these systems and more often or not, the plates will look very different to this.

We at 123 aerials all have had many years experience en finding a second active satellite feed for the full functions. This is not the case with all of Sky's engineers and contractors. They will normally leave their customers with limited features, being able only to record what they are watching. We will always try for a second feed.

Other flats without these plates on the wall, are also avoided by other engineers. they will not go through internal walls or work at high heights.

We have the experience and insurance to work on these systems.