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Aerial install Abingdon OX14

Aerial repair Abingdon OX14

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Freesat repair Abingdon OX14

Freeview digital install Abingdon OX14

Freeview digital repair Abingdon OX14

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CCTV service Abingdon OX14

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Fresat repair Banbury OX16

Freeview digital install Banbury OX16

Freeview digital repair Banbury OX16

CCTV install Banbury OX16

CCTV repair Banbury OX16

CCTV service Banbury OX16

Sky tv service Banbury OX16

Sky tv repair Banbury OX16

Sky tv install Banbury OX16

Tv wall mounting Banbury OX16

BT Vision service Banbury OX16

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Aerial install Bicester OX26

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Freesat install Bicester OX26

Freesat repair Bicester OX26

Freeview digital install Bicester OX26

Freeview digital repair Bicester OX26

CCTV install Bicester OX26

CCTV repair Bicester OX26

CCTV service Bicester OX26

Sky tv repair Bicester OX26

Sky tv service Bicester OX26

Sky tv install Bicester OX26

Tv wall mounting Bicester OX26

Bt vision service Bicester OX26

Bt vision repair Bicester OX26

Aerial install Carterton OX18

Aerial repair Carterton OX18

Freesat install Carterton OX18

Freesat repair Carterton OX18

Freeview digital install Carterton OX18

Freeview digital repair Carterton OX18

CCTV install Carterton OX18

CCTV repair Carterton OX18

CCTV service Carterton OX18

Sky tv service Carterton OX18

Sky tv repair Carterton OX18

Sky tv install Carterton OX18

Tv Wall mounting Carterton OX18

Bt vision service Carterton OX18

Bt vision repair Carterton OX18

Aerial install Chinnor OX39

Aerial repair Chinnor OX39

Freesat install Chinnor OX39

Freesat repair Chinnor OX39

Freeview digital install Chinnor OX39

Freeview digital repair Chinnor OX39

CCTV install Chinnor OX39

CCTV repair Chinnor OX39

CCTV service Chinnor OX39

Sky tv service Chinnor OX39

Sky tv repair Chinnor OX39

Sky tv install Chinnor OX39

Tv wall mounting Chinnor OX39

Bt vision service Chinnor OX39

Bt vision repair Chinnor OX39

Aerial install Chipping Norton OX7

Aerial repair Chipping Norton OX7

Freesat install Chipping Norton OX7

Freesat digital repair Chipping Norton OX7

Freeview digital install Chipping Norton OX7

Freeview repair Chipping Norton OX7

CCTV install Chipping Norton OX7

CCTV repair Chipping Norton OX7

CCTV service Chipping Norton


Sky tv service Chipping Norton OX7

Sky tv repair Chipping Norton OX7

Sky tv install Chipping Norton OX7

Tv wall mounting Chipping norton OX7

Bt vision service Chipping Norton OX7

Bt vision repair Chipping Norton OX7

Aerial install Didcot OX11

Aerial repair Didcot OX11

Freesat install Didcot OX11

Freesat repair Didcot OX11

Freeview digital install Didcot OX11

Freeview digital repair Didcot OX11

CCTV install Didcot OX11

CCTV repair Didcot OX11

CCTV service Didcot OX11

Sky tv serice Didcot OX11

Sky tv repair Didcot OX11

Sky tv install Didcot OX11

Tv wall mounting Didcot OX11

Bt vision service Didcot OX11

Bt vision repair Didcot OX11

Aerial install Dorchester OX10

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Freeview digital install Dorchester OX10

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CCTV install Dorchester OX10

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CCTV service Dorchester OX10

Sky tv service Dorchester OX10

Sky tv repair Dorchester OX10

Sky tv install Dorchester OX10

Tv wall mounting Dorchester OX10

Bt vision service Dorchester OX10

Bt vision repair Dorchester OX10

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CCTV service Oxford


Sky tv service Oxford


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Sky tv install oxford


Tv wall mounting Oxford


Bt vision service Oxford


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Aerial install Kidlington OX5

Aerial repair Kidlington OX5

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Aerial install Thame OX9

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Freesat repair Thame OX9

Freeview digital install Thame OX9

Freeview digital repair Thame OX9

Sky tv service Thame OX9

Sky tv repair Thame OX9

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Bt vision service Thame OX9

Bt vision repair Thame OX9

Aerial install Wallingford OX10

Aerial repair Wallingford OX10

Freesat install Wallingford OX10

Freesat repair Wallingford OX10

Freeview digital install Wallingford OX10

Freeview digital repair Wallingford OX10

Sky tv service Wallingford OX10

Sky tv repair Wallingford OX10

Sky tv install Wallingford OX10

Tv wall mounting Wallingford OX10

Bt vision service Wallingford OX10

Bt vision repair Wallingford OX10

Aerial install Wantage OX12

Aerial repair Wantage OX12

Freesat install Wantage OX12

Freesat repair Wantage OX12

Freeview digital install Wantage OX12

Freeview digital repair Wantage OX12

Sky tv service Wantage OX12

Sky tv Repair Wantage OX12

Sky tv install Wantage OX12

Tv wall mounting Wantage OX12

Bt vision service Wantage OX12

Bt vision repair Wantage OX12

Aerial install Witney OX28

Aerial repair Witney OX28

Freesat install Witney OX28

Freesat repair Witney OX28

Freeview digital install Witney OX28

Freeview digital repair Witney OX28

Sky tv service Witney OX28

Sky tv repair Witney OX28

Sky tv install Witney OX28

Bt vision service Witney OX28

Bt vision repair Witney OX28



Aerial install Ascot SL5

Aerial repair Ascot SL5

Freesat install Ascot SL5

Freesat repair Ascot SL5

Freeview digital install Ascot SL5

Freeview digital repair Ascot SL5

Sky tv service Ascot SL5

Sky tv repair Ascot SL5

Sky tv install Ascot SL5

Bt vision service Ascot SL5

Bt vision repair Ascot SL5

Aerial install Bracknell RG12

Aerial repair Bracknell RG12

Freesat install Bracknell RG12

Freesat repair Bracknell RG12

Sky service Bracknell RG12

Sky repair Bracknell RG12

sky install Bracknell RG12

Tv wall mounting Bracknell RG12

Bt vision service Bracknell RG12

Bt vision repair Bracknell RG12

Aerial install Bourne End SL8

Aerial repair Bourne End SL8

Freesat install Bourne End SL8

Freesat repair Bourne End SL8

Sky tv service Bourne End SL8

Sky tv repair Bourne End SL8

Sky tv install Bournne End SL8

Tv wall mounting Bourne End SL8

Bt vision service Bourne End SL8

Bt vision repair Bourne End SL8

Aerial install Henley RG9

Aerial repair Henley RG9

Freesat install Henley RG9

Freesat repair Henley RG9

Sky tv service Henley RG9

Sky tv repair Henley RG9

Sky tv install Henley RG9

Tv wall mounting Henley RG9

Bt vision service Henley RG9

Bt vision repair Henley RG9

Aerial install Hungerford RG17

Aerial repair Hungerford RG17

Freesat install Hungerford RG17

Freesat repair Hungerford RG17

Sky tv service Hungerford RG17

Sky tv repair Hungerford RG17

Sky tv install Hungerford RG17

Tv wall mounting Hungerford RG17

Bt vision service Hungerford RG17

Bt vision repair Hungerford RG17

Aerial install Maidenhead SL6

Aerial repair Maidenhead SL6

Freesat install Maidenhead SL6

Freesat repair Maidenhead SL6

Sky tv service Maidenhead SL6

Sky tv repair Maidenhead SL6

Sky tv install Maidenhead SL6

Tv wall mounting Maidenhead SL6

Bt vision service Maidenhead SL6

Bt vision repair Maidenhead SL6

Aerial install Marlow SL7

Aerial repair Marlow SL7

Freesat install Marlow SL7

Freesat repairs Marlow SL7

Sky tv service Marlow SL7

Sky tv repair Marlow SL7

Sky tv install Marlow SL7

Tv wall mounting Marlow SL7

Bt vision service Marlow SL7

Bt vision repair Marlow SL7

Aerial install Mortimer RG7

Aerial repair Mortimer RG7

Freesat install Mortimer RG7

Fressat repair Mortimer RG7

Sky tv service Mortimer RG7

Sky tv repair Mortimer RG7

Sky tv install Mortimer RG7

Tv wall mounting Mortimer RG7

Bt vision service Mortimer RG7

Bt vision repair Mortimer RG7

Aerial install Newbury RG14

Aerial repair Newbury RG14

Freesat install Newbury RG14

Freesat repair Newbury RG14

Sky tv service Newbury RG14

Sky tv repair Newbury RG14

Sky tv install Newbury RG14

Tv wall mounting Newbury RG14

Bt vision service Newbury RG14

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Aerial install Reading


Aerial repair Reading


Freesat install Reading


Freesat repair Reading


Sky tv service Reading


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Sky tv install Reading


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Aerial install Pangbourne RG8

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Aerial install Amersham

Aerial install Amersham

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Aerial install Aylesbury

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Tv wall mounting Aylesbury

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Aerial install Beaconsfield

Aerial repair Beaconsfield

Freesat install Beaconsfield

Freesat repair Beaconsfield

Sky tv service Beaconsfield

Sky tv repair Beaconsfield

Sky tv install Beaconsfield

Tv wall mounting Beaconsfield

Bt vision service Beaconsfield

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Aerial install Chesham

Aerial repair Chesham

Freesat install Chesham

Freesat repair Chesham

Sky tv service Chesham

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Sky tv install Chesham

Tv wall mounting Chesham

Bt vision service Chesham

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Aerial install Great Missendon

Aerial repair Great Missendon

Freesat install Great Missendon

Freesat repair Great Missendon

Sky tv service Great Missendon

Sky tv repair Great Missendon

Sky tv repair Great Missendon

Tv wall mounting Great Missendon

Bt vision service Great Missendon

Bt vision repair Great Missendon

Aerial install High Wycombe

Aerial repair High Wycombe

Freesat install High Wycombe

Freesat repair High Wycombe

Sky tv service High Wycombe

Sky tv repair High Wycombe

Sky tv install High Wycombe

Tv wall mounting High Wycombe

Bt vision service High Wycombe

Bt vision repair High Wycombe

Aerial install Princess Risborough

Aerial repair Princess Risborough

Freesat install Princess Risborough

Freesat repair Princess Risborough

Sky tv service Princess Risborough

Sky tv repair Princess Risborough

Sky tv install Princess Risborough

Tv wall mounting Princess Risborough

Bt vision service Princess Risborough

Bt vision repair Princess Risborough

Aerial install Stokenchurch

Aerial repair Stokenchurch

Freesat install Stokenchurch

Freesat repair Stockenchurch

Sky tv Service Stokenchurch

Sky tv repair Stokenchurch

Sky tv install Stokenchurch

Tv wall mounting Stokenchurch

Bt vision service Stokenchurch

Bt vision repair Stokenchurch



More advertising and area's to come, as we expand our work to suit your needs.






12th of June 2014 09:39 AM by Gary Hopkinson

We were suffering from signal loss which seemed to be caused by water getting into the aerial cable. We called Ian, and arranged a Saturday appointment. Ian and Daniel turned up as promised, and during the pouring rain replaced our aging aerial. The next challenge was replacing the cable which had been installed when the house was rebuilt. They truly worked the extra mile, and we certainly had good value for money. We now have a good signal. Highly recommended, and we will use again in the future.


5th of June 2014 09:06 PM by mark

I called Ian to move my aerial and to connect all my rooms up to it. I had previously had someone out to do this but when he put the aerial up it was a poor picture and he only connected one room. Thank you to Ian that he did all the work i needed with no fuss. Chatty and pleasant guy.I should have got Ian the first time so that i didn't have to pay twice for the same job.

Thank you Ian


14th of May 2014 11:23 AM by Leigh Webb

Ian provided an excellent service. Very happy to adapt to the different circumstances and was quick and efficient. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him and will use him for any future jobs


4th of May 2014 11:21 AM by pete

thanks ian great job all working again,fast prompt service,even cleaned my gutter!what service (don't think you should expect that as part of service).


20th of April 2014 09:57 AM by Brian

Thank you Ian an excellent job done exactly as says on the tin plus you did a few extras at no extra charge I would highly recommend.


17th of April 2014 09:28 PM by Marilyn Stewart

Thank you so much Ian, not only did you install an aerial for me, you also made me an aerial lead as mine was faulty, and supplied a splitter so we could have the TV working upstairs. Plus you even put my clock on the wall for me. Great service.


12th of January 2014 07:21 PM by Andy Woodward

I needed my aerial replacing before Christmas for my son's first bedroom TV, and the aerial team agreed to come out on a Sunday 22nd December just to get the job done in time. They were very honest with what 'might' need doing, and gave me the estimates upfront. In the end my aerial was replaced and all my aerial points and booster checked. A great job, value for money and would certainly recommend them to anyone.


11th of January 2014 11:57 AM by Sarah Jenkinson

A very polite, prompt and hard working team. They went the extra mile to get things done properly and I am very impressed with the job. Would recommend them again and again and again! Thank you ian and Daniel.


4th of January 2014 04:52 PM by Kenneth Baird

Well done Ian. Great service, great job done and all within 24 hours of my call. This is an excellent company and I highly recommend them.


27th of December 2013 12:31 PM by Carol Hawker

Very impressed with the service provided. I called Ian and he was with us in less than an hour, sorted out our sky dish which had been blown out of line. Lovely chap and really helpful, would certainly recommend 123 aerials to anyone.


20th of November 2013 02:30 AM by Andy

The engineer, Ian, provided a really excelkent service. He was very professional and extremely helpful, in ensuring that the installation met our requirements. I would definately recommend 123aerials


19th of November 2013 09:57 AM by Robert Hurn website:

Less than 24 hours to go until England vs. Germany and no signal. My father attended the 1966 World Cup final and I was there when we beat them 1-0 (Shearer) in Charleroi, Belgium in the 2000 European championships, hence I had to see this game. I called 123 Aerials in the morning and Ian agreed to call round after work - this was really useful not having to miss work time - he had the problem sorted efficiently, offered free advice in respect of multi-room reception, and at the fixed cost agreed, which was excellent value and no VAT to pay either. I have no hesitation in recommending 123 Aerials for a professional service at fair rates and at a time to suit the customer.


1st of November 2013 07:07 PM by Sean lewis

Got to say Ian's service was excellent for a decent price glad I called him. Will definitely recommend him


19th of October 2013 09:33 PM by Dean

Phoned 123 aerials made an appointment, arrived in that time,excellent job done, used an existing bracket instead of charging for new one, polite guy, done all necessary work to fix my aerials plus extra cable for other rooms, would use again very friendly, with good rates


7th of October 2013 09:13 PM by Mr Prestidge

Cannot recommend Ian enough. Came at a time that was convenient for me. Fixed the problem within minutes of being here. Very polite and friendly as well. Thank you!


5th of August 2013 06:25 PM by Aseef website:

Very friendly guy. Quick service. Easily contactable. Likes biscuits

Thanks Ian!


7th of July 2013 07:47 PM by Moyra Pugh

rang at 5pm - came out at 8pm to suit me.

Coudnt find a problemand TV worked immediately therefore no charge but he still came, checked signal out and gave useful advice. Excellent service, very polite and helpful - would definetly recommend


27th of April 2013 06:36 PM by frank clapham

rang 123 aerials as my antenna and support pole had came away from my chimney,was with me within 30 mins told me what he was gonna do and the price .did an excellent job would defo use again


20th of March 2013 10:16 AM by Mrs J Carr

came out to fix a problem i had with sky i mention another problem and Ian fixed it for me at a good price will recommend Ian to anyone who needs their TV fixed. Very friendly person Prompt, professional and reliable service. I fully recommend this man.


10th of March 2013 06:17 PM by Vinesh

Excellent and prompt service, flexible and did the job to a high standard. Price super competitive and helpful and friendly service.


9th of January 2013 01:13 PM by Mrs C L Conway Berkshire

Called 123 Aerials out for not being able to pick up BBC1 on three of our TVs. Ian gave a time slot which he appeared within. He was happy and friendly guy who worked out my problem in minutes.Quote was good, able to do work there and then. Highly recommend.


14th of December 2012 02:21 PM by Roger Vlitos

Prompt, professional and reliable service. I fully recommend this man.


5th of October 2012 07:26 PM by Tim Hudnott website:

At last an aerial company who know what they are doing! After two bad experiences of larger 'reputable' companies, Lee from 123 Aerials has re-aligned my Freesat dish and replaced the cable on a DAB aerial. Both are now working perfectly.


28th of September 2012 09:04 AM by Hani Edwards

I cannot recommend Ian highly enough. He was so kind assisting me on the phone yesterday after I unsubscribed from my Sky service and then failed to get a picture on my TV. Within about 10 minutes he took me through a series of manoeuvres on my remote control and I now have access to various TV channels without having to pay for an aerial to be installed. Ian did not charge me for helping out although I would have gladly sent him a cheque. If anyone is wondering about using this service, I would say go ahead. You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Ian!


8th of August 2012 09:38 AM by Laura

Ian was quick, responsive, kept me up to date by phone and came and sorted the problem on the same day. A refreshingly hastle free service! Thanks!


30th of July 2012 11:40 AM by Mr R. Cross

Very helpful, solved my problem at once, very reasonable. Recommended. Many thanks. R. Cross


7th of June 2012 07:06 PM by James Forsyth

An excellent job by Lee and Ian relocating my Sky dish (Whaetley Oxford), I can't see it any more but more importantly we can watch sky when it rains! Excellent job and a very reasonable cost and they are neat and tidy too. What more can you ask for!


6th of February 2012 09:06 PM by Adam

A top class service! I had a seemingly simple problem that soon spiralled into something more complex. Ian (the engineer) was tireless in his fault diagnosis efforts & ultimately found a solution to my problem. Top marks.


18th of January 2012 06:16 PM by Nick from Carterton

Top class service. Very reasonable price. I needed a satellite dish installing and I am very happy with the excellent service and quality workmanship. Would recommend for any satellite / aerial problem.


30th of November 2011 07:57 PM by nicola howard

I give the highest praise to Ian for the work he did for my daughter - after repeated calls to BT and an unsuccessful visit by another engineer, he was able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently - he was prompt and courteous, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him


26th of November 2011 05:51 PM by Carol in Cassington

I was a bit concerned that the engineer would be blown off our roof on this very windy day, but no complaints or fuss Ian and his mate just got on with the job. They even went to the trouble of straightening the aerial because Ian didn't think that it was completely upright. Quick and efficient, polite and pleasant. At last I can watch Corry on Freeview and I have the prettiest aerial in the neighbourhood to boot! Many thanks to both of you.


29th of October 2011 12:23 PM by Robert Johnson

Excelent fast and effeciant service - good guy to deal with.


27th of October 2011 10:33 AM by Sally Cooper

Our new tenant rang to say there was no picture at all on her TV. I rang Ian and within

40 minutes he had been out, phoned me back and told me it was all now working.

Very, very impressed with his professionalism and service.

Sally Cooper


6th of October 2011 12:34 PM by The Fat Fox Inn website:

Ian turned up on time and got on with the job with the minimum of fuss.He listened to the brief and with the help of a colleague had the job completed and tested and working in 40 minutes, all done at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

I would recommend 123 without reservation.

John Riddell - Director


4th of October 2011 10:02 PM by Robin Hatton

After calling around for quotes to replace an old roof aerial I came across 123aerials. I spoke to Ian on the phone who quoted £99 for a complete installation and I was surprised because I had just been told by other companies much more due to VAT etc.

I felt reassured talking to Ian because I didn't feel like I was being sold something I didn't particularly need, like other companies sometimes do. He said he'd check the signal strength but a standard aerial should do for my area - and he was right. 

They immediately got to work and even offered to stay behind for a while to make sure my TV picked up all the Freeview channels.

Since the installation I have enjoyed all terrestrial Freeview channels with not one glitch.


30th of September 2011 04:57 PM by Fiona

Thank you. very quick response, here within 24 hours, all done pretty quickly and excellent results!! My kids are very pleased they can finally watch their tv!!


28th of September 2011 09:20 PM by David

Ian provided me a highly efficient, prompt no fuss service at less than any others i found. The bonus is that he answers the phone after 5.30! 123Aerials come highy recommended


28th of July 2011 01:11 PM by soft-oem website:

I've been looking for information I needed for a long time, but only your site has helped me to find it. Thank you very much. I'm sure to tell my friends about you.

I can highly recommend 123Aerials, Paul arrived assessed the mess by the previous company.

He fitted a new aerial promptly and efficiently, and charged less than half the price of the 1st company! We now have more channels and better picture than ever. From the first call and completion it couldn’t off been easier, more efficient or professional.

Since completion Ian has mailed and checked all is OK. You will not finds a better service.


28th of May 2011 08:21 PM by Steve Dunnett

Fast professional service, sorted out all the cowboy work SKY had done for us, very reasonable. Would highly recommend to anyone.


23rd of May 2011 06:26 PM by JP

These guys do great work for reasonable price. Cleared up after sky put dish in most visible place claming you lose reception if it is too far from the sky box.

Fixed the arial and freeview around the house.

Would strongly recommend them.


Posted by: Mrs Chapman Date: 09/04/11

Contact and booked a visit by e-mail very prompt replies. Excellent service very pleased and very reasonable prices. Would recommend this company


1st of February 2011 05:34 PM by Mr Chung oxford

ive been told previously that i cannot have an aerial by Oxford aerials, because i live in a poor reception area. After considering sky we called ian at 123 aerials whom suggested Freesat tv,

We now have an excellent HD picture. For £65 a freesat dish was supplied and fitted on our side wall by ian and carl the following weekend.

cheers guys it was a real pleasure to meet you and i will be telling all my freinds about you and 123 aerials services.

Lee Chung Oxford


17th of January 2011 07:03 PM by Ivor

Wow. One day no freeview worth watching, next day freeview and freesat! One week later all working perfectly. Nice job, nice price, minimal mess, discrete siting of dish and aerial!And remember this is thirsty work - keep the guys plied with coffee! Can recommend 123 and Ian/Carl to new customers


8th of January 2011 02:37 PM by Derek Luckett

123 Aerials, have just finished installing new Aerial, and we also wanted aerial outlets in two bedrooms and a dining room, and an upto date cable in the lounge.The two gentlemen that arrived, were very polite, very knowledgeable in their trade, very efficient in all areas of the work they were asked to do. They are brilliant with price as well, as we had a quote from various companies, and one in particular was called Digital One with the person who was called Sunny, wanted £480.00, yet 123 Aerials were half the price, for the same amount of work, and they did not have to move the Aerial either as we were told by Digital One. Thank you 123 Aerial for all your hard work.


3rd of January 2011 06:25 PM by Kemal Absolutely first class.Regular contact; the work was conducted in a really timely fashion (despite the weather) and they clearly knew their job. The job was not straightforward but Paul was patient and very thorough. All work was clean and tidy with external wires hidden away behind pipes (absolutely key for my wife !).Ian was also a pleasure to deal with.I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending 123 aerials to anyone.Kemal


29th of November 2010 05:34 PM by Sheila French New aerial fitted on roof of three storey old victorian house this afternoon. Mrs French delighted with work done by two straight forward polite well mannered young men. 2 hours hard work for very reasonable cost of £129. Very many thanks lads. Will happily recommend you on to anybody who needs a new aerial. Thanks again for the very prompt response. First call and aerial fitted within 24 hours!!!Amazing service.


21st of December 2009 03:29 PM by Matt Ian popped over this past Friday to sort out putting my Sky dish up and plumb it in - sadly for him, he had to not only contend with my flat being a proverbial country mile away from where the dish was, but also the fact it was snowing heavily when he was sat a good two dozen feet up on a roof.Despite all this he did a fantastic job, with the wiring at the front of the building being very neat. Ian obviously takes pride in his work and it shows, and to boot he is very reasonable and a top bloke.Very, very highly recommended!








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Welcome to 123 Aerials.


 We are a locally based company, who have been installing and updating digital systems for over 15 years now. We only use the best quality CAI APPROVED digital aerial equipment, Working on behalf of well established country wide companies like Sky TV, to large apartment blocks and to the smallest of bungalows.

As a company we cover a wide areas in the south.


 Our local aerial engineer, will always be CRB CHECKED, and come with a high public liability insurance, for the protection and peace of mind of every customer.


All the engineers training enables us to keep our prices as low as possible for every customer,  because we know what equipment is best for you and your digital needs. As such we can provide you with all the respect, speed and quality of service you deserve.




(some limits do apply)



we have just become an authorised sky dealer,

as such can offer you all of sky TVs amazing packages.

A  500GB WIFI enabled HD+ box with a standard install


Great deals for new subscribers


 even if you just want to upgrade, please call for details.

Our speciality is installing where others won't


Top questions people have asked us over the phone.

  1. Can you supply and fit a Freesat dish ?  A. YES
  2. I need a local engineer to fit my aerial, are you local ?  A. YES.
  3. Can you fit the aerial / dish on my roof ? A. YES.
  4. I am missing channel 3, 4. 5 on Freeview, Can you fix this A. YES update the aerial or install an amplifier.
  5. I live in a listed building with a thatched roof can you install my aerial ? A. YES
  6. My Sky box is stuck in standby, my Sky box has no satellite signal, can you repair my Sky? A.YES
  7. Why are my loft aerial signals so low ? A aerials get more signal on the roof free from the tiles and metal.
  8. Can you beat my quote ? or price match my aerial / dish install Quote ? A. We will always try .
  9. Can you fit an aerial on my commercial, work premises ? A. YES
  10. Can you resight my aerial ? or resight my Sky dish ? A.YES

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We have now had our offer of £99 aerials installations, running since the beginning of November, and have been inundated with requests to complete work in the Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckingham and Hampshire areas. Pubs, clubs, communal, flats, office building, new build, property, rental property, apartment blocks,

At 123 aerials we understand that every customer is different, and as such every individual customer has very different needs. We pride ourselves on making you the customer important, because without our happy customers where would we be?








We do not charge VAT, Payment is made directly to the engineer via

Cash, cheque or we can invoice you for payment.

With regret cheques or invoice will be subject to a £2.00 service charge.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.



Area's covered by 123 aerials .

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We are local engineers who travel at no extra cost, if you do not see the area you live in above please call and we hope to be able to help.


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