Aerials fully installed £99.


Be ready for the 2012 switchover FOR JUST £99.

We will install a full, new digital aerial,

Take down the existing old analogue aerial,

Install a new bracket, ( Where needed )

Install a new cable to the room needed.

An external roof installation if needed.







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We recommend high gain wideband TV aerials for Freeview reception from the Oxford TV transmitter. Many homes served by this south Midlands transmitter will need an aerial upgrade to get good Freeview reception as a high proportion of older existing aerials may be Group C/D, not the required wideband type.


If retained, Group C/D aerials will give Freeview reception problems from the Oxford TV transmitter particularly of Mux 1 and Mux D, since Group C/D aerials are optimised for UHF channels 52 - 68, well away from the Oxford DTT channel numbers.


If some Freeview channels are missing from your digital TV channel line up start by checking your aerial. If you are getting Freeview reception problems on Oxford UHF channel 29 and 34 DTT multiplexes and you are well inside the DTT coverage area from Oxford, it is likely that your installed aerial is not suitable for Freeview.

This info is provided by a Digital aerial web page that installers use for new information.

It basically explains that an older aerial if you have no problems at the moment may work digital channels now, but when the analogue signal is totally changed. You may loose some digital channels as the older aerials with the flat backing plate where only built and designed for the analogue signals.


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You will find cheaper prices on the Internet or local advertising we promise.

But, what will happen is:

You will book the call, an engineer will turn up in an unmarked van, he will not know the name of the company you have originally booked the job with or price that you were quoted over the phone, he will then look around the property and tell you it will cost £200 +VAT for a basic aerial install complete the install or he will charge you the call out and leave.

There are many, many UK companies that say they they are locally based and use local engineers, but can not name a single road, pub or landmark near you. Not all traders are bad but please shop around first

Call us first we install, supply and warranty all for only £99 no VAT.*

2012 Digital switchover.

To get a new £99 no VAT Digital aerial installation, please just call us, we can even provide written references if you do not believe this is a genuine offer.

This offer has only been available since the beginning of November 2010. We have no plans to withdraw the offer as yet, BUT it is a limited offer.

All you need is one of our new digital aerials, and a system capable of receiving a digital signal.

The system will cost around £20 from a local electrical store, for a small set top box, or if you have a new LCD or plasma it will probably be built in to the TV.




From £40, per room.

* This offer, we are afraid this offer does come with some small terms and conditions.

The £99 no VAT aerial installation, depends on equipment needed to complete the install. If you are further away from the transmitter, live in a dip or built up area's with hills or tall buildings. We may have to use special equipment to get the best digital signal available in the area.

Bigger aerials, Longer masts, Bigger bracketing, Amplifiers, Longer cable runs, additional rooms etc.

These items are not part or the £99 no vat offer and IF they are required they will be charged at an additional price which will explained to you in full, with cost before the start of the install. If you decide not to go ahead with the install please just tell the engineer and all that will be charged is the £25 call out and estimate fee.