Please read this page carefully before taking part in any quality installation or service call request with 123 aerials, Thank you.


123 aerials buys every item we install and fit, from a third party company.


For aerial installation terms and conditions please visit our on site cheap aerial section.


Every product we install or supply comes with a full 1 years warranty. Should any problems arise with any of the equipment it will only be warrantied by us and not another company. This includes any aerial or Sky TV equipment we install, supply or service.


Except Freesat, or Freeview any box capable of receiving sky channels, is supplied subject to a 12 month sky contract. The sky card for these boxes is not 123 aerials property, this is owned by Sky TV only. If you want to upgrade or down grade any viewing packages or add broadband or sky talk, it must be done by contacting Sky TV after your install is completed. The number will be on your screen menu via your sky remote. or on the back of your sky viewing card.


If you decide to go for a PVR (recording capability) set top box, either Sky+, Sky+HD, 1000GB HD, Freeview PVR or Freesat PVR. We recommend you at regular intervals, back up or transfer to a storage device any programmes you wish to keep for a period of time or view again in the future. We can not be held responsible for any fault with the box or loss of recordings due to product replacement.


Any goods not paid for, within a 4 weeks grace period will and can be removed with or without prior notice as the property and goods remains our property until paid for in full.

If we recommend another company in your area because for some reason you are not 100% happy with any quote we offer you. 123 aerials can not be held responsible for any poor workmanship or faulty goods they supply.


1: 123aerials (hereinafter called the Guarantors) undertakers to guarantee the following against faulty material and workmanship for a period of:


2: Satellite receiving equipment and installation (one year)


3: U.H.F. T.V. and V.H.F. F.M. equipment and installation (one year)


4: This warranty does not cover:

(a) Reception conditions changing due to circumstances beyond the Guarantors control i.e. due to the proximity of cranes in the vicinity, the erection of large buildings, fluctuations of signal due to movement of trees, gasholders, etc., fluctuations of radiation power from T.V. or F.M. transmitters, power cuts, gales, lightning strikes;

(b) Movement or damage caused by gale force winds in excess of 40MPH;

(c) Interference caused by armature radio hams, citizen band radio, radar, electrical appliances or any other transmitting frequencies other than the local U.H.F. T.V. OR V.H.F. F.M. wave bands transmitted by the B.B.C. or I.T.C.

(d) Any repair or alteration being undertaken by a person or persons not authorised to do so by the Guarantors.


5: It is a condition of the warranty that the customer will accept the advice of the installation engineer in regard to the suitability of the aerial fitted and the correct positioning of the aerial. No liability is implied or accepted if the customer insists on the aerial fitted in a given position against the advice if the installation engineer.


6: Any claims under the guarantee found not to be valid in respect of faulty workmanship or materials will be charged at the current rate of service charge at the time of the call out or inspection.


7: Force Majeure.

The Guarantors shall not under any circumstances (howsoever caused) be liable for any loss or damage caused by or arising out of fire, flood, burglary, or house-breaking, act of God, riot, explosion, aircraft or things dropped there from, lightening or for any consequential loss or damage due to causes beyond their immediate control of the acts of the third parties whether criminal or otherwise.


8: Channel 5 Aerial installation can’t be held responsible for the lack of Radiation Power.


9: No Refund is to be given after the 1st month of work carried out if the customer is not happy with the reception, aerial and satellite dish placement or noise occurring from the Aerial or Mast and fixings.


10: Any equipment supplied does not come with a valid warranty if the suppliers of the service or parts within go into liquidation or bankruptcy.