By the year 2012 the government want to turn off all the analogue TV transmitters. In a lot of area's around the country the digital replacements have already been switched on, leaving people to re-think how they want to view there new channels available.

In a lot of cases you will need to do nothing to your existing home, all you will need to do is go to your local retailer and purchase a new digital free view box. If not we will be happy to supply you with one at a one off cost plus postage.

If you have an existing aerial in your home or flat, and it has been up for more than 10 years ot you have a loft aerial, you may find it is not digital compatible. Also if the cable has been installed correctly, it will only have a full signal life time of around 20 years.

If not the aerial itself may not be big enough or pointing the wrong way, if the new digital transmitter has moved to a different area.

In these cases I'm afraid yo u will need to upgrade to a new digital system.




 Multi Dwelling Units-

Residents living in flats have had many years of problems getting sky to do their install.

If you live in a block of flats with more than 6 units, or have a communal sky system installed. Sky themselves as a policy will refuse to take on you install.

Even if you do not have a communal sky system installed in your block, and require a non standard install.

Including: Drilling through internal walls.

               Going through loft spaces with cable runs or even access.

               or raising the dish above the height of the building to clear obstacles such as tree's etc.

Sky installers generally frown away from these types of installs for many reasons, such experience, personal liability insurance, or just simply they don't get paid enough by sky if they are contractors.


With our over 10 years of experience, there is not much we will not do to get your install finished.  (although there are always limits).

Why not contact us for a £25 refundable site survey.



 If you live in a block that does not have an existing sky service, and you are unable to get permission for us to put up your own sky dish.

Why not either give our contact details to your management agent or housing official. Or maybe by emailing us with yours and the managements contact details let us contact them.

We can liaise with them and arrange to fit a full external sky system, With one dish in installed an agreed and disceet position, that everyone in the block can connect to.

In most cases this system is free, although there are limits.

Please contact us for more information.