The invisible dish, it is virtually UN-noticeable to any body who is not in the TV reception trade. 


We are the main supplier / installer for Oxfordshire.

We install and sell this on behalf of a well established company who have fully tested the SQISH dishes in all area's of installation. We at 123 Aerials are the only installers in the Oxfordshire area, we will and have installed dishes beyond this into other areas.


We are proud to introduce you to the Sqish dish.


Do you live in a listed building or in a conservation area ?

Do you live in a block of flats ?

Do you have nosey neighbours that object to everything ?

Have you been told to take down your existing dish ?




The cost for the Sqish dish are :


For a single LNB dish £149

For a quad  LNB dish £199

For the print design on the dish £35 + vat

Standard installation charges for the Sqish dish starts from £85 single.

Dimension's are 47cm width, 26cm height and 7cm depth.


How to get the Sqish dish,

We will need to send an engineer around, to take a picture of the site where you would like the dish to be installed. (This is visit will only  cost a ruefundable £25 and will need to be done during the day for an accurate image). If you dicide to go ahead on the day, We will then need to send off your image and order your equipment, if location and price is agreed and paid in full.

When we come to install it, will bring with us all equipment needed plus x3 images for the dish cover. With 3 different tones of the origianal image, so you can choose your favorite for the best results. (no image will be completly colour perfect but will always try for the best result possible).


This is a one off payment only and and is installed and supplied by us on behalf of a nationwide company. we are afraid that there are no discount, entitlement for these dishes and installations.