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123 Aerials

Long Wittenham

A Reliable & Specialist Aerial Company

Installing aerials in Long Wittenham


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Welcome to 123 aerials Long Wittenham.

Long Wittenham Digital TV Aerial & Satellite Installation


At 123 Aerials Long Wittenham, we are a highly skilled TV aerial installer and fitter team. We will provide you with a reliable and guaranteed, comprehensive range of TV aerial and satellite fitting services in Long Wittenham. Working on a local daily basis we can offer a same day service if the job is urgent, and we can also accept pre bookings for a time which is most suitable for you.


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As a provider of digital aerial freeview, freesat and satellite services to local home owners and corporate clients, We at 123 aerials Long Wittenham can get every home ready for the digital switchover, making sure you as a tv-licence payer never loose reception. We have developed into one of Oxfordshire and Long Wittenham most affordable specialists in digital installations services and technology. With the multi-channel digital switchover services coming to you from Freeview and Freesat, we at 123 aerials Long Wittenham can help you receive all the broad variety of services being made available to Long Wittenham’s residents. We are here to Help and advise you when choosing what materials and components best suit your requirements or budget and needs.


123 Aerials Long Wittenham for over 10 years now have been working to install and repair hundreds of terrestrial TV aerials and Freeview digital systems in Abingdon along with other specialist TV systems on a weekly basis. We have gained a huge amount of local knowledge and experience that cannot be rivalled by our competitors. We are very proud to be best positioned to provide useful comprehensive impartial guidance, knowledge and support.


Digital TV Aerial Installation Repairs Long Wittenham OX11 OX14. At 123 Aerials Long Wittenham we frequently carry out bespoke and customised installations, with our expert aerial repairs and upgrade services, we on a daily basis work throughout the OX11 OX14 area of Long Wittenham. Also servicing the rest of Oxfordshire, we guarantee you will receive the Greatest level of service. Working together we can provide you with the best tv signal reception available to you.


Combined with local expertise, we as terrestrial aerial specialists we have all the knowledge we need for the local area with our experienced TV aerial and satellite fitters. Give us a call on 01235 470079 should you require a complete digital installation, an un-complicated aerial repair or perhaps just an additional point in your home and we’ll be more than happy to assist. Why not just call us for free advise.


Our services to you.

TV Aerial Repairs, TV Aerial Installations, DAB Radio Aerials, Satellite TV Installation, Digital TV Aerial Upgrades, TV Wall Mounting, Multi Room Installation, Extra Points, Satellite Dish Realignments, Freesat Supply and Install, Satellite Dish Repairs, Freeview Supply and Install, Shared Aerial Systems, Dish Installations and Repairs & additional telephone point installs.


At 123 aerials as an independant installer, we can Fix, Replace, Move, Repair or even upgrade and install new. Any Digital reception equipment you may need help with.

If you have picture break up, poor reception, no signal, loss of channels, no satellite signal being received, or even if its just an annoying fuzzy or poor picture. Call us today and we would be happy to send an engineer out to visit you.

Our aerial technician will be glad to assist or advise you with any digital product including Sky TV, Freeview, Freesat, Radio and more. Or even if its an integrated system combining Sky, Freesat, Radio and aerial all from a single point WE CAN HELP YOU.


Our local area.

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 Long Wittenham's local Digital satellite dish installation and repair service.

If you require a whole new satellite installation or a simple fix for your Freesat, call us at 123 aerials Long Wittenham to have one of our highly skilled specialists and within a few minutes of your call we can arrange for a visit. We will discuss with you the available options with you.

We will also help you when choosing between from commercial providers such as Sky, or you can choose the free to air service from Freesat. So you can enjoy the channels they have to offer. With our many years of experience we can offer you a standard satellite installation, or we have specialist heights team training as well as a commercial installation suggestions and experience.

So no matter what the extent of your satellite requirement we are the specialist to suit your needs.


 Long Wittenham's local Digital aerial upgrade services.

Making improvements to your aerial for your digital TV reception will prove no problem.

To receive the full list of digital channels now on offer and available to you for free, all you required is a compatible receiver from Freeview and a compliant digital aerial to receive the digital signal transmission. We will steer you towards the most appropriate option suiting your precise needs.

As with 100% of our services we promise and guarantee that the suggestion offered will be completely balanced and of an independent nature.


Our Promise To You


* All projects come with a 12 month parts and labour guarantee

* All technicians operate with a full and up to date public liability cover

* All works are undertaken by fully CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked trained engineers

* 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


123 Aerials are digital TV aerial and satellite installers and experts working daily in the Long Wittenham area, providing fitting services for the full range of aerial and satellite services so if you require a reliable trustworthy aerial company with unparalleled local broadcast knowledge then give us a call, we are available seven days a week to take your call.



01235 470079


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07599 279373

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