Claire is having TV aerial signal problems

Posted on 6th June, 2011



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Hi Claire i hope you have found our website informative and help full.


In answer to the question Headington and Oxford signals are very good, The main Oxford Transmitter is based in Beckley just outside Headington. The Transmitter is the Main Signal mast for the Whole of Oxfordshire it also serves most of Buckinghamshire with its TV reception.

There are a number of problem area's in Headington itself, like down towards the town centre because of the hill leading up the London Road leading into Headington, or towards the bottom end of Marston the aerial signals require and extra signal boost.


They often need larger aerial masts, a larger aerial, a masthead amplifier or sometimes all 3.

This is because of the TV signals trying to get over Headington hill and the John Radcliff hospital.


Most of lower marston is not affected by the poor signal and needs one of the smaller aerial installations


In answer to the other part of the question, if the TV upstairs in the bedroom is not the greatest of pictures maybe the TV signals coming into the whole of the house need looking at.


We will be happy to arrange a local aerial and satellite engineer to visit you, Please call 0800 1244192.


Without checking out the actual house the signal problems could be a number of things

  • The coaxial cables in the walls may be worn or water logged
  • The TV aerial itself maybe to small
  • The aerial may have been knocked in the roof
  • The aerial will receive a better signal externally.

What i would suggest you do next is have one of our local Oxford based TV aerial engineer's come to your house and do a full signal check with his digital aerial meter. We can then suggest a repair for you which might be as simple as installing a tv amplifier or moving the existing aerial to the chimney.

Or if there is any re cabling needed we could advise on a solution to the signal problems you may have.


It also sounds like the TV upstairs may not be ready for the digital switchover you may loose the channels on that TV all together no matter how good the signal is after September.


Digital switch over in Oxford is due to be completed by the end of September 2011


Once you have had the television signals checked, i would suggest either upgrading the TV to a new one with Digital freeview channels built in or simply buying a freeview box, or a freeview receiver and attaching it to your old TV.


I hope We managed to help you with this enquiry


All the best for the future


Ian 123 aerials

0800 1244192



Claire Wrote


Posted by: Claire  comment Date: 04/06/11 URL: N/A

I live in headington Oxford and I have just been given a new LCD tv with built in freeview but the tv is only finding half of the digital channels, is there anything you can suggest I can try, I have tried replacing the cable between the wall and the tv itself and also I have tried another tv in the house the tv in my bedroom works fine on channel 1 through 5 it's not the best picture but it is watchable.

I have been looking through your site and see that because the aerial is in the loft it may have a poor signal would it help if I got someone to move it to my chimney outside? Can u give me any advice or able to fix this for me?

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